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Ain Shams University was founded in July 1950. On February, 1954 the name of the University was changed to "Heliopolis", and then changed in the same year to its present name "Ain Shams", the Arabic for "Heliopolis" or "O'n", which was the oldest University in history. "O'n" University was established about 5000 years ago, and it had a wide fame as a center of knowledge and learning, especially in astronomy, engineering and medicine. The University is now located in the area of the Zaafran Palace, built during the regime of "Khedive Ismail". The Palace was so named because the area surrounding it was famous for saffaron (in Arabic Zaafran) plantation. The University includes 15 faculties and 2 higher research Institutes.



The ICICIS acts as an international forum for researchers and practitioners interested in the advances of artificial and computational intelligence as well as intelligent information systems. It is an opportunity to present and observe the latest research results and ideas in these areas .The conference topics include three main directions; Computational Intelligence, Intelligent Information Systems and Intelligent Applications.